What is Reactive Following?



Large Generator Interconnection Agreement requirements (LGIA) are changing because of increasing penetration or wind and solar into the electric power system, are you ready?

Electric reliability organizations(EROs), independent system operators(ISO) and regional transmission organizations(RTOs) in order to keep the electric power system safe and reliable require generators to ride through disturbances and provide dynamic active power and reactive power capability.

For over 18 years, our engineers have successfully developed and improved wind plant and solar plant operations.  We have the expertise, innovation, design and construction experience ranging from 100 MW to 500 MW wind power plants. We engaged in dynamic testing with multiple utilities and we have passed. If you want to show you can meet the LGIA in all respects, we can help you do that.

What Reactive Following is; its a patented system or method where the patent 9588557 is incorporated herein, and in a nutshell it is a team of specialist going to your WPP or SPP and measuring performance of individual generators and the collection system and then taking information gathered from the “as configured” plant and creating a “Dynamic PSCAD Model” of your facility.

Then with that information we perform tasks related to assessing the constraints within the plant to propose a solution, (usually a high side capacitor bank either on the transmission providers system or near or at the POI where it may replace the OLTC) which includes proposing a reconfiguration of the plant where constraints are relieved and performance is optimized. We have installed and successfully passed utility testing with such methods in whole or in part on plants ranging from near 100 MW to 500 MW.


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